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Aalacho: Electro (CD)--10.00
Age of Nemesis: Terra Incognita (CD)--10.00
Amber Asylum:The Supernatural Parlour Collection (CD)--10.00
Amethyste: Shimmer (CD)--10.00
Ian Anderson: The Orchestral Jethro Tull (dbl CD)--15.00
Andi Sex Gang: The Madman in the Basket (CD)--10.00
Apoptygma Berzerk: Harmonizer--10.00
Aqualite: Aquaplant (CD)--10.00
Aqualite: Water World (CD)--10.00
Aqualite Vs Xylon: Night Before Lanunch (CD)--10.00
Area: Fragments of the Morning (CD)--10.00
Arpeggiators: Possible Future (CD)--10.00
Attention Deficit: The Idiot King (CD)--10.00
Attrition: Across the Divide (CD)--10.00
Attrition: Action & Reaction (CD)--10.00
Attrition: At the Fiftieth Gate (CD)--10.00
Attrition: The Attrition of Reason (CD)--10.00
Attrition: Dante’s Kitchen (CD)--10.00
Attrition: Ephemera (CD)--10.00
Attrition: Esoteria V2 (CD)--10.00
Attrition: The Eternity LP (CD)--10.00
Attrition: Etude (DCD)--10.00
Attrition: The Hand that Feeds the Remixes (CD)--10.00
Attrition: Heretic Angels (CD)--10.00
Attrition: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts (CD)--10.00
Attrition: The Jeopardy Maze (CD)--10.00
Attrition: Smiling at the Hypogonder Club (CD)--10.00
Attrition: Something Stirs (CD)--10.00
Attrition: Tearing Arms from Deities (CD)--10.00
Attrition: This Death House (CD)--10.00
Attrition: Three Arms & a Dead Cert (CD)--10.00
Attrition: A tricky Busines (CD)--10.00
Audioslave: Audioslave--10.00
Jeff Aug: Living Room Sessions (CD)--10.00
Avenpitch: Avenpitch (CD)--10.00
Avenpitch: Butterfly Radio (CD)--10.00
Avenpitch: Cast Off (CD)--10.00
Beautiful Pea Green Boat: Still Life (CD)--10.00
Belly: King (CD)--10.00
Belly: Moon (CD EP)--10.00
Belly: Star (CD)--10.00
Robert Berry: The Wheel of Time (CD)--10.00
Bigod 20: Steel Works (CD)--10.00
Brainstorm: Earth Zero--10.00
Michael Brook/Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Night Song (CD)--7.00
Aruthur Brown: Vampire Suite (dbl CD)--15.00
Bypass Unit: Green Dreams (CD)--10.00
Bypass Unit: On a Trance-Mission (CD)--10.00
Cage Decay: Zombie Comandos from Hell (CD EP)--10.00
Captain Sensible: The Universe of Geoffrey Brown (CD)--10.00
Celldweller: Celldweller (CD)--10.00
Chrome: The Clairaudient Syndrome (CD)--10.00
The Clinton Administration:Take You Higher (CD)--10.00
Al Comet: Comet (CD)--10.00
The Consortium of Genius: In COG We Trust (CD)--10.00
Cop Shoot Cop: Suck City (CD EP)--10.00
Julee Cruise: Rockin Back Inside My Heart (CD EP)--10.00
Cybernaut: Hydrophonics (CD)--10.00
Cygnus X-1: The Next Logical Step (CD)--10.00
The Damage Manual: 1 (CD)--10.00
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets: Cthulhu Strikes Back (CD)--10.00
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets: Great Old Ones (CD)--10.00
The Darkest of the Hilside Thickets: Spaceship Zero (CD)--10.00
Hal Darling: Darling (CD)--10.00
Hal Darling: D2R (CD)--10.00
Darxtar: Tombola (CD)--10.00
Darxtar: We Came Too Late (CD)--10.00
Delicate Noise: Diversion (CD)--10.00
Delerium: Duende (CD EP)--10.00
Delerium: Euphoria (Firefly) (CD EP)--10.00
Delerium: Karma (dbl CD)--15.00
Delerium: Silence (CD EP--10.00
Digital Poodle: Combat (CD EP)--10.00
Digital Poodle: Division (CD)--10.00
Dilate: Cyclos (CD)--10.00
The Distance: The Mirror Shattered (CD)--10.00
Escapade: Duel to a Faulty Premonition (CD)--10.00
Escapade: Rule 3 (CD)--10.00
Exquisite Corpse: Reassembling Reality (CD EP)--10.00
Everything But the Girl: Amplified Heart (CD)--10.00
Farflung: 9 Pin Body (CD)--10.00
Fetisch Park: Alluvial (CD)--10.00
Fetisch Park: Spoen/Binumb (CD EP)--10.00
Fetisch Park: Trost (CD)--10.00
The Fire This Time: Still Dancing on John Wayne’s Head (CD)--10.00
Floorian: More Fiend (CD)--10.00
Floorian:What the Buzzing (CD)--10.00
Fortran 5: Bad Head Park (CD)--10.00
Fortran 5: Look to the Future (CD EP)--7.00
Fred Frith: Impur II (CD)--10.00
Happy Family: Happy Family (CD)--10.00
Headcase (ex-Curve): Mushiness (CD)--10.00
Hillmen: The Whiskey Mountain Sessions--10.00
Hilt: Call The Ambulance (CD)--10.00
Hilt: Journey to the Center of the Bowl (CD)--10.00
Hilt: Orange Pony (CD)--10.00
History of Guns: Acedia (CD)--10.00
History of Guns: Flashes of Light (CD EP)--7.00
History of Guns: Apophenia (CD)--10.00
David Holmes: Minus 61 in Detroit (CD EP)--7.00
David Holmes: No Mans Land (CD)--10.00
David Holmes: This Films Crap, Let’s Slash the Seats (CD)--10.00
Helene Horlyck: A Nordic Room (CD)--10.00
The Hosemobile: What Can & Can’t Go On (CD)--10.00
Johanna’s House of Glamor: Farewell street (CD)--10.00
Joy Wants Eternity: You Who Pretend to Sleep (CD)--10.00
Khallice: The Journey (CD)--10.00
Kill Switch Kill: Degenerate (CD)--10.00
Klange: The Heart/Hertz Files (CD)--10.00
KMFDM: Boos (CD EO)--10.00
Kode IV: Dissolved (CD EP)--10.00
Kode IV: Faust (CD EP)--10.00
Kode IV: Final Demonic Madness Cut (CD EP)--10.00
Kode IV: Insane (CD)--10.00
Kode IV: Insane (CD EP)--10.00
Kode IV: Possessed (CD)--10.00
Kode IV: Silicon Civilisation (CD)--10.00
Krel: Out of Space (CD)--10.00
Lard: The Last Temptation of Reid (CD)--10.00
Latent Anxiety: Perception (CD)--10.00
Latent Anxiety: Reaction (dbl CD)--15.00
Latent Anxiety: Sensation (CD)--10.00
Levinhurst (ex-Cure): Perfect Life (CD)--10.00
Life of Riley: Days Away from Life (CD)--10.00
Looper: The Snare--10.00
Love Spirals Downwards: Ardor (CD)--10.00\
Lydia Lunch (w/Anubian Lights): Champagne, Cocaine, & Nicotine Stains (CD EP--10.00
Luxt: American Beast (CD)--10.00
Luxxury: The Drunk EP (CD EP)--5.00
M-1 Alternative: Aviary (CD)--10.00
Malacoda: Cascade (CD)--10.00
A.C. Marias: One of Our Girls (CD)--10.00
Mask: Heavy Petal (CD)--10.00
Mask: Technopia (CD)--10.00
Mooch: In Search of the Acid Metal Grille (CD)--10.00
R. Stevie Moore: Phonography (CD)--10.00
Mythos: Superkraut--10.00
Neu: 4 (CD)--10.00
New Model Army: Great Expectations (CD)--10.00
Ninewood: New Can of Ice (CD)--10.00
Noisebox: Monkey Ass (CD)--10.00
Numb: Christmeister & Bliss (CD)--10.00
OB1: Anubismatist (CD)--10.00
Ohm: Voices (CD)--10.00
Orchestral Maneouvers in the Dark: Messages (10-inch EP)--15.00
Out Out: Finched (CD)--10.00
Out Out: Pepprbox Muzzle (CD)--10.00
The O Zone: Neverland (CD)--10.00
Pere Ubu: Cloudland (CD)--10.00
Pere Ubu: One Man Drives While the Other Man Screams (CD)--10.00
Pere Ubu: 390 Degrees of Simulated Stereo (CD)--10.00
Pere Ubu: Worlds in Collision (CD)--10.00
Pet Shop Boys: Disco 2 (CD)--10.00
Liz Phair: Exile in Guyville (CD)--10.00
Ed Pias: Ancestor’s Halo (CD)--10.00
The Pigs: Oink (CD)--10.00
Pop Will Eat Itself: Amalgamation (CD)--10.00
Pop Will Eat Itself:Cure for Sanity (CD)--10.00
Pop Will Eat Itself:Dod Dedos Mid Amigo (CD)--10.00
Pop will Eat Itself: This Is the Hour, This Is the Day (CD)--10.00
Press: The Fine Art of a White Label (CD)--10.00
Psychic Warriors of Gaia:Ov Biospheres & Sacred Grooves (CD)--10.00
Psychick Warriors of Gaia: Peel Session (CD EP)--10.00
Radio Chongching: Radio Chongching (CD)--10.00
Razed in Black: Overflow (CD)--10.00
Stan Ridgway: Partyball (CD)--10.00
Scarecrew: Magical Mind (CD)--10.00
Mike Schmidt: The High Cost of Living (CD)--10.00
Seabrook Power Plant: Seabrook Power Plant (CD)--10.00
Seven: Seven (CD)--10.00
Sex Pistols: Filthy Lucre Live (CD)--10.00
Sheep on Drugs: Double Trouble (CD)--10.00
Shinyville: No Sleep Till Babylon (CD)--10.00
Sister Machinegun: 6.0 (CD)--10.00
Sister Machinegun: 6.6 Machine (CD)--10.00
Sister Machinegun: The Desert Companion (CD)--10.00
Slipper: When Hot Dogs Fly (CD)--10.00
Slipper: Zoon Sandwich (CD)--10.00
Snog: Beyond the Valley of the Proles (CD)--10.00
Snog: Lies Inc (CD)--10.00
Doug Snyder/Bob Thompson: The Rules of Play (CD)--10.00
The Solaris Project:  The Solaris Project (CD)--10.00
Spacehead: In Space We Trust (CD)--10.00
Space Mirrors: The Darker Side of Art (CD)--10.00
Spahn Ranch: Collateral Damage (CD)--10.00
Spahn Ranch: In Parts Assembled Solely (CD EP)--10.00
Lisa Stansfield: Affection (CD)--10.00
Subarachnoid Space: These Things Take Time (CD)--10.00
Damo Suzuki’s Network: Metaphysical Transfer (dbl CD)--20.00
The Synthetic Dream Syndicate: Tendrils of Pretty (CD)--10.00
Richard Taha: Ole Ole (CD)--10.00
Towah Tei: Future Listening (CD)--10.00
Norma Tanega/Mike Henderson: Hybrid Vigor--10.00
Techno Squirrels: Love Comes First (CD EP)--7.00
Techno Squirrels: Mute (CD EP)--5.00
Techno Squirrels: Om Mani (CD EP)--5.00
Techno Squirrels: Plastic Makes It Possible (CD)--10.00
Throwing Muses: Counting Backwards (CD EP)--10.00
Throwing Muses: The Real Ramona (CD)--10.00
Tracker: How I Became an Alien--10.00
Type 4: Trailmix (CD)--10.00
Underworld: Jumbo (CD EP)--7.00
Underworld: Push Upstairs (CD EP)--7.00
U-Tek: I Am Movin’ (CD EP)--7.00
U Totem: Strange Attractors (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Amateur Hour, a Global Tribute to Sparks (dblCD)--15.00
Various Artists: The Desco Remixes (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: The Digital Space Between (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Dr Death’s Vol 4: The Marvels of Insect Life (dbl CD)--15.00
Various Artists: Dr Death’s Vol 5: Hearts Lust in Limbo (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Drum Nation, Vol. 1 (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Industrial Revolution (dble CD)--15.00
Various Artists: A Journey into Ambient Groove 3 (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: The Meta Collection--10.00
Various rtists: The Passion of Covers (Bauhaus Tribute) (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Possessed (Nettwerk Sampler 4) (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Projekt, A Dark Noel (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Promised Land, Vol 2 (dbl CD)--15.00
Various Artists: Promised Land, Vol 3 (dbl CD)--15.00
Various Artists: Promised Land, Forth Dimension (dbl CD)--15.00
Various Artists: Rawk Party (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: A Realization Compilation (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Trancefusion (CD)--10.00
Various Arists: Trancewerk Express Vol. 1 (tribute t0 Kraftwerk) (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Transmissions from Planet Dog (dbl CD)--10.00
Suzanne Vega: 99.9F (CD)--10.00
Virtualizer: Acid Worriors Dream Crystals (CD)--10.00
Virtualizer: Sex Technologie-the Future (CD)--10.00
Void Generator: Phantom Hell And Soar Angelis (CD)--10.00
When: Black, White & Grey (CD)--10.00
Xylon: Mooncafe (CD)--10.00
Djamel Ben Yelles: 1002 Nights (CD)--10.00
Yeti: Things to Come (CD)--10.00
Zeromancer: Clone Your Lover (CD)--10.00


Aarktica: In Sea (CD)--10.00
Ad Ombra: Smaragdine (CD)--10.00
Rudy Adrian & Ron Boots: Across the Silver River (CD)--10.00
Kees Aerts: If One Door Closes Another Door Opens (CD)--10.00
Aetopus: Tempula (CD)--10.00
Alio Die & Martina Galvagni: Eleusian Lullaby (CD)--10.00
Alio Die/Mathias Grassow: Expanding Horizon (dbl CD)--15.00
Alio Die & Jack or Jive: Mei-Jyu (CD)--10.00
Alio Die/Parellel Worlds: Circo Divino (CD)--10.00
Amnis Initiative: Distant Dreams (CD)--10.00
Amongst Myselves: Auburn Silhouette (CD+DVD)--15.00
Among Myselves: Fragments (CD)--10.00
Mike Andrews: Time & Science (CD)--10.00
Brad Anderson: Juiced (CD)--10.00
Antherius: 2008-03 (CD)--10.00
Aperus: Tumbleweed Obfuscated by Camera Failure (CD)--10.00
Arcane Device: Also Sparach Zarathustra (CD)--10.00
Arcane Device: Diabolis Ex Machina (CD)--10.00
Arcane Device/PGR: Fetish (CD)--10.00
Arcane Device: Trout (CD)--10.00
Art of Infinity: Dimension Universe(CD)--10.00
Art of Infinity: Endless Future (CD)--10.00
Art of Infinity: New Horizon (CD)--10.00
Asana: Shrine (CD)--10.00
Asana: Trikuti (CD)--10.00
Mark Asbury: Dance of Shadows (CD)--10.00
Dwight Ashley: Discrete Carbon (CD)--10.00
Dwight Ashley: Four (CD)--10.00
Astrogator (Create): The Darkness Between (CD)--10.00
Scott August: Radiant Sky (CD)--10.00
Austere: Pulse (CD)--10.00
Bang on a Can: Eno’s Music for Airports (CD)--10.00
Steve Barnes: New Day (CD)--10.00
Between Interval: Secret Observatory (CD)--10.00
Between Interval: Autumn Continent (CD)--10.00
Biomechanique: Live at Lumpy Gravy (CD)--10.00
Blutiger Fluss: Out of Mars (CD)--10.00
Steve Brand: Avatara--10.00
Bomis Prendin: Test/Phantom Limb (CD)--10.00
Bomis Prendin: Trap D’Or (dbl CD)--15.00
Richard Bone: The Reality Temples (CD)--10.00
Richard Bone: Serene Life of Microbes (CD)--10.00
Matt Borghi: Huronic Minor (CD)--10.00
Dave Brewer: Harmonic Resonance (CD)--10.00
Brume/Nomuzic: Transorts (CD)--10.00
Harold Budd: By the Dawn’s early Light (CD)--10.00
Javi Canovas: Light Echoes (CD)-10.00
Centrozoon: Lovefield (CD)--10.00
The Cheebacabra: Exile in the Woods (CD)--10.00
Aja West & Cheeba: Flash & Snowball (CD)--10.00
The Circular Ruins: Confluence (CD)--10.00
The Circular Ruins: Empathy Test (CD)--10.00
The Circular Ruins: Realm of Possibility (CD)--10.00
Code X: Code X (CD)--10.00
Controlled Bleeding: Inanition (dbl CD)--15.00
Cornstar: Lulla (CD)--10.00
Jamie Craig: Illumination (CD)--10.00
Create: From Earth to Mars (CD)--10.00
Create: In the Blink of an Eye (CD)--10.00
Create: Lost on an Island of Adventure (CD)--10.00
Create: Kindred Spirits (CD)--10.00
Create: Reflections from the Inner Light (CD)--10.00
Create: Space Time Continuum (CD)--10.00
Create: We Live by the Machines (CD)--10.00
Darkened Soul: Bathys (CD)--10.00
Darkened Soul: Dreamscapes--10.00
Darshan Ambient: Autumn’s Apple (CD)--10.00
Darshan Ambient: Re: Karma (CD)--10.00
Kelly David: Broken Voyage (CD)--10.00
Dead Voices on Air: New Words Machine (CD)--10.00
Deep Imagination: Gemstones (dblCD)--15.00
Deep Imagination: Awareness (CD)--10.00
Deep imagination:  Surroundings (CD EP)--5.00
Deep Sea Divers: The New Fast Lane (CD)--10.00
Delago: Salzwelten (CD)--10.00
Delago: Trance Alpin--10.00
Mathias Delplanque: Le Pavillon Temoin (CD)--10.00
Digital Activity: Birth (CD)--10.00
Digital Geist: The Zero Engine (CD)--10.00
Dr Wize: Towards the One (CD)--10.00
Drum’n’Space: Drum’n’Space (CD)--10.00
Catherine Duc: Visions and Dreams (CD)--10.00
East Bay Ray: Labyrinth (CD)--10.00
Electric Golem: Electric Golem (CD)--10.00
Elf Machine vs Foy: 10,000 Headless Buddhas (CD)--10.00
John Ellis: Wabi Sabi 21 (CD)--10.00
Paul Ellis: Appears to Vanish (CD)--10.00
eM: All the Stars Burning Bright (CD)--10.00
eM: Greater Than Zero, Less Than One (CD)--10.00
Embrase: Dreamworld (CD)--10.00
Brian Eno: Neroli (CD)--10.00
Brian Eno: Thursday Afternoon (CD)--10.00
Ephemeral Mists: Moon Ritual (CD)--10.00
Faceless: Faceless (CD)--10.00
Forrest Fang: The Blind Mesenger (CD)--10.00
Forrest Fang: Folklore (CD)--10.00
Forrest Fang: Gongland (CD)--10.00
Forrest Fang: Phantoms (CD)--10.00
Forrest Fang's Sans Serif: Unbound--10.00
Fayman/Fripp: A Temple in the Clouds (CD)--10.00
Fear Falls Burning: Frenzy of the Absolute (CD)--10.00
Fear Falls Burning/Nadja: FFB/N (CD)--10.00
Ben Fluery-Steiner: Drifts (CD)--10.00
Foreign Spaces: Being Creature (CD)--10.00
Foreign Spaces: Dark Star (CD)--10.00
Foreign Spaces: UFO Breakfast (CD)--10.00
Forma Tadre: Automate (CD)--10.00
Fragile Dragon: Light Bend & Rhythm (CD)--10.00
Carl Franke: First Berries after Hibernation (CD)--10.00
Eloy Fritsch: Atmosphere (CD)--10.00
Peter Frohmader: Cycle of eternity (CD)--10.00
Peter Frohmader: Macrocosm (CD)--10.00
Ravi Gazit: Shape Shifter (CD)--10.00
Tony Gerber: Blue Western Sky (CD)--10.00
Giez: The Ambient Room (CD)--10.00
Bruce Gilbert: Ab Ovo (CD)--10.00
Bruce Gilbert: Insiding (CD)--10.00
Bruce Gilbert: Music for Fruit (CD)--10.00
Frank Gingeleit: Lost in the Deep Blue (CD)--10.00
Frank Gingeleit: Megalopis (CD)--10.00
Frank Gingeleit: Nightmares & Escapades (CD)--10.00
Frank Gingeleit: Toy Island (CD)--10.00
The Glimmer Room: 2 Up, 2 Down (CD EP)--7.00
Ernest Gonzales: While on Saturns Rings (CD)--10.00
Green Isaac: Happy Endings (CD)--10.00
Jeff Greinke: Winter Light (CD)--10.00
Jeff Greinke/Anisa Romero: Hana (CD)--10.00
M.Griffin: Fabrications (CD)--10.00
M. Griffin: Sudden Dark (CD)--10.00
Philippe Emmanuel Gueble: Fire & Remembrance (CD)--10.00
Tom Hamilton /Mike SIilverton/Al Margolis: Analogue Smoque (dbl CD)--15.00
Jon Hassell & Bluescreen: Dressing for Pleasure (CD)--10.00
Jon Hassell & Bluescreen: Personels (CD EP--10.00
Jon Hassell/Farafina: Flash of the Spirit (CD)--10.00
Tom Heasley: Desert Triptych (CD)--10.00
Tom Heasley: On the Sensations of Tone (CD)--10.00
Heasley/Bradford/Rosser: Varistar (CD)--10.00
Tom Heasley: Where the Earth Meets the Sky (CD)--10.00
Tom Heasley & Toss Panos: Passages (CD)--10.00
Erdem Helvacioglu: Wounded Breath (CD)--10.00
Hemisphere: Attachment X (CD)--10.00
Chad Hoefler: Twilight in the Offing (CD)--10.00
Chad Hoefler: Quiet Glow (CD)--10.00
Steve Hug: Organics (CD)--10.00
Ebling Hughes: Transfigured Night (CD)--10.00
Jonathan Hughes: Trillium (CD)--10.00
If Bwana: Breathing (CD)--10.00
If Bwana: Clara Nostra (CD)--10.00
If Bwana: I, Angelica (CD)--10.00
If Bwana: 33 Birds Went (CD)--10.00
If Bwana: Trippin India (CD)--10.00
Intox: Ignesous Flame (CD)--10.00
Mark Jenkins: Ghosts of Mars (Something Dancing in the Darkness) (CD)--10.00
Mark Jenkins: This Island Earth (CD)--10.00
Kilowatts: Routes (CD)--10.00
The Jingle Kings: Kinky Dreams (CD)--10.00
Jingle Kings: The New Megalopolis (CD)--10.00
The Jingle Kings: Utopia Dr (CD)--10.00
John Jenkins: Beyond City Light (CD)--10.00
Gustavo Jobim: Round Mi (CD)--10.00
James Johnson: Surrender (CD)--10.00
James Johnson/Robert Scott Thompson: Forgotten Places (CD)--10.00
Steve Jolliffe: Beyond the Dream (CD)--10.00
Steve Jolliffe: Deep Down Far (CD)--10.00
Steve Jolliffe: Escape (CD)--10.00
Steve Jolliffe: Journeys Out of the Body (CD)--10.00
Steve Jolliffe: Omni (CD)--10.00
Steve Jolliffe: Poland (CD)--10.00
Steve Jolliffe: Warrior (CD)--10.00
Steve Jolliffe: Zanzi (CD)--10.00
Kadath: The Dream Quest (CD)--10.00
Bernd Kistenmacher: Beyond the Deep (CD)--10.00
Bernd Kistenmacher: Celestial Movements (CD)--10.00
Klangwelt: The Age of Numbers (CD)--10.00
Klangwelt: Weltweit (CD)--10.00
Klangwelt: Xoio (CD)--10.00
Klute: Casual Bodies (dblCD)--15.00
Labranthisattva: The View from Down Here (CD)--10.00
John Lakveet: Building Sequential Stones Vol 1 (CD)--10.00
John Lakveet: The Force of Reason (CD)--10.00
John Lakveet: Proportions (CD)--10.00
Lambert: Dimensions of Dreams (CD)--10.00
Lambert: Inside Out (CD)--10.00
Lambert: Mirror of Motions (CD)--10.00
Lambert: Pearls (CD)--10.00
Lammergeyer: Blue Oasis (CD)--10.00
Land (Jeff Greinke/Dennis Rea): Land (CD)--10.00
Brannan Lane: Distant Friends (CD)--10.00
Brannan Lane: Lost Caverns of Thera (CD)--10.00
Brannan Lane: Piano Dreams & Nightscapes (CD)--10.00
Brannan Lane: Sleep Cycle (CD)--10.00
Brannan Lane: Troposphere (CD)--10.00
Brannan Lane/Tom Larson: Tribal Spirit (CD)--10.00
Brannan Lane & vidnaObmana: Deep Unknown (CD)--10.00
Lena: Alchemy of Fingers & Dark (CD)--10.00
Lightwave: Cantus Uumbrarum (CD)--10.00
Litmus: You Are Here (CD)--10.00
Lopside: 37 (CD)--10.00
John Lyell: Dimensions (CD)--10.00
The Mackrosoft: Antonio’s Giraffe (CD)--10.00
The Mackrosoft: The Dawning of the Age of Aja Aquarius (CD)--10.00
The Mackrosoft: Exile in the Woods (CD)--10.00
The Mackrosoft: 1st Mack to the Moon (CD)--10.00
The Mackrosoft: Journey to Vaginus (CD)--10.00
Mark Mahoney: Beyond the Vaulting Sky (CD)--10.00
Mark Mahoney/M.Peck: The Gallery of Subtle Smiles (CD)--10.00
Ma Ja Le & James Johnson: Seed (CD)--10.00
Ma Ja Le & Vir Unis: Imaginarium (CD)--10.00
Vasco Martins: Apeiron (CD)--10.00
Hal McGee: Deep Space Search Engine (CD)--10.00
Hal McGee/Phil Klampe: Alien Progeny (CD)--10.00
McGee/Noring: Blue Planet (CD)--10.00
McGee/Phinney: Stranded on Earth (CD)--10.00
John McMahon: Shatterday (CD)--10.00
Melusine: The Aqua Path (CD)--10.00
Peter Mergener: African Smile (CD)--10.00
Peter Mergener: Cruisin (CD)--10.00
Peter Mergener: Dani Beach Lounge (CD)--10.00
Peter Mergener: Lounge Control (CD)--10.00
Peter Mergener: Nox Mystica (CD)--10.00
Peter Mergener: Phonetic Society--10.00
Peter Mergener: Wet Places (CD)--10.00
Mico Nonet: The Marmalade Balloon (CD)--10.00
Micronaut: Io (CD)--10.00
Micronaut: Ganymede (CD)--10.00
Micronaut: Micronaut (CD)--10.00
Mikronesia: Tissue Paper Ghosts (CD)--10.00
The Missing Ensemble: Zeropolis (CD)--10.00
Moebius/Plank/Thompson: Ludwig’s Law (CD)--10.00
Mollusk: Asccretions (CD)--10.00
Mr Magic’s Nightflight: Mr Magic’s Nightflight (CD)--10.00
Mr Soon: Places in Arizona (CD)--10.00
Mythos: Gallery Concerts (CD)--10.00
Mythos: Unabsteigbar (CD)--10.00
Nattefrost: Absorbed in Dreams and Yearning (CD)--10.00
Nattefrost: Dying Sun-Scarlet Moon (CD)--10.00
Nattefrost: Live in Germany (CD)--10.00
Nattefrost: Transformation (CD)--10.00
Nattefrost: Underneath the Nightsky (CD)--10.00
Nekropolis (P.Frohmader): Anubis Dance (CD)--10.00
Northern Valentine: The Distance Brings Us Closer (CD)--10.00
Numina: Eye of the Nautilus (CD)--10.00
Numina: Shift to the Ghost (CD)--10.00
Off the Sky: Gently Down the Stream (CD)--10.00
Patrick O’Hearn: Rivers Gonna Rise (CD)--10.00
Ohm: Voices (CD)--10.00
The Omega Syndicate: Analogue Waves (CD)--10.00
The Omega Syndicate: Apocalypse (CD)--10.00
The Omega Syndicate: Phonosphere (CD)--10.00
Opera to Relax: Between Tomorrow (CD)--10.00
Otarion: Creator (CD)--10.00
Otarion: Faces of the Night (CD)--10.00
Otarion: Evolution (CD)--10.00
Overload: The Sonic Intoxicant (CD)--10.00
Craig Padilla: The Light in the Shadow (CD)--10.00
Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms: Path of Least Resistance (CD)--10.00
Rob Papen: Daydreamer (CD)--10.00
M. Peck: Glacial (CD)--10.00
Michael Perilstein: Elephants Gliding on Ice (CD)--10.00
Michael Perilstein: Where Evil Lives (CD)--10.00
Phaenon: Submerged (CD)--10.00
Plexus: Plexus (CD)--10.00
Polaris: Background Stories (CD)--10.00
Praguedren: Painting over Scenery (CD)--10.00
Dave Preston: Soundtrack for Motion (CD)--10.00
Pridon: New Steine (CD)--10.00
Principle of Silence (VidnaObmana/Joris De Backer): Live (CD)--10.00
A Produce & Loren Nerell: Intangible--10.00
Psicodreamics: The Garden (CD)--10.00
Radium88: Only Science Can Tell Us the Truth (CD)--10.00
Rajna: Ishtar (CD)--10.00
Red Sector & Alio Die: Son-Dha (CD)--10.00
Remanence: A Strange Constellation of Secrets (CD)--10.00
Remy: Sense (CD)--10.00
Remy: Different Shades of Dust (CD)--10.00
Mark Renner: Memoirs of a Distracted Church Organist (CD)--10.00
R-Escape-R:Chapter One (CD)--10.00
Rey: Hidden Vibrations (CD)--10.00
Rey: Innovative Desert (CD)--10.00
Robert Rich: Illumination (CD)--10.00
Rigel Orionis: Night Heat (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Atmospheric Conditions (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Darkest Before Dawn (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Day Out of Time (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: A Deeper Silence (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Destination Beyond (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Dynamic Stillness (dbl CD)--20.00
Steve Roach: Immersion 2 (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: The Magnificent Void (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces Part 1 (dbl CD)--20.00
Steve Roach: Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces Part 2 (dbl CD)--20.00
Steve Roach: New Life Dreaming (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Quiet Music (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Prayers to the Protector (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Slow Heat (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Space & Time (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Streams & Extremes (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach: Structures from Silence (CD--10.00
Steve Roach & Erik Wollo: The Road Eternal--10.00
Steve Roach: Circadian Rhythms (Immersioon 5)(dbl)--20.00
Steve Roach & Brian Panham: The Desert Inbewteen--10.00
Steve Roach/L.Nerell:  Terraform (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach/J.Reyes: Vine-Bark-Spore (CD)--10.00
Steve Roach/S.Kent/K.Newby: Halycon Days (CD)--10.00
Byron Metcalf/S.Roach: Dream Tracker (CD)--10.00
Justin Robert: Manasota (CD)--10.00
Roedeius: Roedeliuswg (CD)--10.00
Roedelius: Selfportrait 8: Introspection (CD)--10.00
Roedelius/Alquimia: Move and Resonate (CD)--10.00
John Rose: Cosmogenesis (CD)--10.00
Sam Rosenthal: The Passage--10.00
Rumforskning: Fremtiden (CD)--10.00
Running on Air: Out of Progress (CD)--10.00
Bruno Sanfilippo: Auralspace (CD)--10.00
Bruno Sanfilippo: Intro (CD)--10.00
Bruno Sanfilippo: Piano Textures (CD)--10.00
Bruno Sanfilippo: Piano Textures 2 (CD)--10.00
Bruno Sanfilippo/Mathias Grassow: Crome (Piano & Drones) (CD)--10.00
Bruno Sanfilippo & Max Corbacho: Bioma--10.00
Dean Santomieri: The Boy Beneath the Sea (CD)--10.00
Peter Schaefer: Galactic Zoo (CD)--10.00
Robert Schoeder: 30 Years Later (CD)--10.00
Seofon (w/S.Roach,vidnaObmana,R.Rich): Zero Point (CD)--10.00
Eric Snelders: The Source of Scarlet Dreams (CD)--10.00
Sonic Radiation: The 121 Project (CD)--10.00
Spacetime Continuum: Double Fine Zone (CD)--10.00
Kent Sparling: Leaf Spring (CD)--10.00
Dave Stafford: Superambient (CD)--10.00
Dave Stafford: Transitory (CD)--10.00
Stella Maris: To the Promised Land (CD)--10.00
Saul Stokes: Outfolding (CD)--10.00
Saul Stokes: Washed in Mercury (CD)--10.00
Saul Stokes: Zo Pilots (CD)--10.00
Ben Swire: Equilibrium (CD EP)--7.00
Syn: Soundwave Traveller (CD)--10.00
Synthetic Block: Synthetic Block (CD)--10.00
Synthetic Block: Escape Velocity (CD)--10.00
Synthetic Block: Means of Ascent (CD)--10.00
Synthetic Block: Sonic Approach (CD)--10.00 Atmosphere (CD)--10.00 Oceanoography (CD)--10.00
Tangerine Dream: Inferno (CD)--10.00
Terra Ambient: The Gate (CD)--10.00
Dr Fiotella Terenzi: Music from the Galaxies (CD)--10.00
Ian Tescee: A Traveler’s Guide to Mars (CD)--10.00
Robert Scott Thompson: At the Still Point of the Turning World (CD)--10.00
Robert Scott Thompson: Frozen Light (CD)--10.00
Robert Scott Thompson: Sanctum (CD)--10.00
Thorsten: Infiltrator (CD)-10.00
Asmus Tietchens/PGR/Merzbow: Grav (CD)--10.00
Tigerforest: Daybreak (CD)--10.00
Johan Timman: Trip into the Body (CD)--10.00
Tokyo Mask: Hinterlands (CD)--10.00
David Tollefson: Near and Far (CD)--10.00
David Tollefson: New Eyes on the Universe (CD)--10.00
Transcend with Time: Through Memory's Perceptions (CD)--10.00
Frank van Bogaert: One Out of Five (CD)--10.00
Uriel: Culture Shift (CD)--10.00
The Use of Ashes: White Nights, Glowing Lights (CD)--10.00
UtopiaXO: The Light (CD)--10.00
vidnaObmana: An Opera for 4 Fusion Works (CD)--10.00
vidnaObmana & Alio Die: Echo Passage (CD)--10.00
Vapourspace: Theme from (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: The Ambient Expance (S.Roach/P.O’Hearn/vidnaObmana/V.Unis) (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Convergent Evolution (vidnaObmana/V.Unis/S.Roach) (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Databloem Collection 1: Opening (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Eclectica Vol.2--10.00
Varioius Artists: Lost & Found, A Foundry Anthology (dblCD)--10.00
Various Artists: The Other World (dblCD)--15.00
Various artists: Shadowmath (Fateless Flows Collective Vol 2) (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: Sun-Terra (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: 360, a Foundry Project (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: A Tribute to Tangerine dream (CD)--10.00
Various Artist: Weightless, Effortless (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: World Wide Kind (CD)--10.00
Thy Veils:The Diaphonous Depressions (CD)--10.00
Verity: Digital Planet (CD)--10.00
J. Arif Verner: From a Distant Horizon (CD)--10.00
Viridian Sun: Perihelion (CD)--10.00
Viridian Sun: Solar Noise (CD)--10.00
Joe Weineck: From Jungle to Galaxy (CD)--10.00
Bekki Williams: Edge of Human (CD)--10.00
Brian Wingrove: Dreaming I’m Awake (CD)--10.00
Wladek: Time Merchants (CD)--10.00
Erik Wollo: Gateway (CD)--10.00
Ynos: Chill Out Sector (CD)--10.00
Zero One: Psy-Fi (CD)--10.00


Absolute Zero: Crashing Icons (CD)--10.00
Ahvak: Ahvak (CD)--10.00
Astrakan: Astrakan (CD)--10.00
Bosch: Bosche (CD)--10.00
Copernicus: Disappearance (CD)--10.00
Joe Deninzon: Adventures of Stratospheerius (CD)--10.00
Joe Deninzon & Stratospherius: Live Wires (CD)--10.00
Deus Ex Machina: Cinque (CD)--10.00
D.F.A.: 4th (CD)--10.00
D.F.A.: Kaleidoscope (dbl CD)--15.00
Devil Doll: Eliogabalus (CD)--15.00
Devil Doll: The Girl Who Was Death (CD)--15.00
Devil Doll: The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms (CD)--15.00
Devil Doll: Sacrilegium (CD)--15.00
The Ed Palermo Big Band: Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (CD)--10.00
Forever Einstein: Artificial Horizon (CD)--10.00
Forever Einstein: Down with gravity (CD)--10.00
Forever Einstein: One Thing After another (CD)--10.00
Forever Einstein: Opportunity Crosses the Bridge (CD)--10.00
Forever Einstein: Racket Science (CD)--10.00
Forgas Band Phenomena: Soliel 12 (CD)--10.00
French TV: This Is What We Do (CD)--10.00
Guapo: Five Suns (CD)--10.00
Holdsworth/Pasqua/Haslip/Wacherman: Blues for Tony (dbl CD)--15.00
Hoover’s G-String: Elephant Parts (CD)--10.00
Sebastian Lorefice: Short Stories, Infinite Corridors (CD)--10.00
Machine & the Synergetic Nuts: Leap Second Neutral (CD)--10.00
Mahogany Frog: DO5 (CD)--10.00
The Mahavishnu Project: Return to the Emerald Beyond (dbl CD)--15.00
Piero Milesi: Modi (CD)--10.00
Piero Milesi: The Nuclear Observatory of Mt Nanof (CD)--10.0
Piero Milesi: Within Himself (CD)--10.00
Piero Milesi/Daniel Bacalov: La Camera Astratta (CD)--10.00
The Muffins: Bandwidth (CD)--10.00
Chris Murphy: Salton Songs (CD)--10.00
Kevin Neale: Life & Soul (CD)--10.00
The Neurons: Dance (CD)--10.00
Proto-Kaw: Early Recordings from Kansas (1971-73) (CD)--10.00
Protos: The Noble Pauper’s Grave (CD)--10.00
Random Touch: A Box & a Word (CD)--10.00
Random Touch: Doulogue (CD)--10.00
Random Touch: The Elegance of Falling (CD)--10.00
The Red Masque: Death of the Red Masque (CD)--10.00
The Red Masque: Victoria & the Haruspex (CDR)--10.00
Boris Savoldelli/Elliot Sharp: Protoplasmic (CD)--10.00
Slivovitz: Hubris (CD)--10.00
Sotos: Platypus (CD)--10.00
Stripsearch: Stripsearch (CD)--10.00
Sun Ra: Disco 3000 (CD)--10.00
Treo Travis: Double Talk (CD)--10.00
Laurent Thibault: Mais on ne Peut Pas Rever Tout le Temps (CD)--10.00
Univers Zero: Heresie (CD)--10.00
Univers Zero: 1313 (CD)--10.00
Vril: The Fatal Duckpond (CD)--10.00
Robert Walter’s 20th Congress: Giving Up the Ghost (CD)--10.00
Zaar: Zaar (CD)--10.00


John Luther Adams: Red Arc/Blue Veil (CD)--10.00
Aranis: Roqueforte (CD)--10.00
Aranis: Songs from Mirage (CD)--10.00
Marvin Ayres: Cellosphere (CD)--10.00
Marvin Ayres: Eccentric Deliquescence (CD)--10.00
Marvin Ayres: Neptune (CD)--10.00
Marvin Ayres: Sensory (CD)--10.00
Basta: Cycles (CD)--10.00
Rick Cox: Fade (CD)--10.00
Michael Jon Fink: A Temperament for Angels (CD)--10.00
Jim Fox: The City the Wind Swept Away (CD)--10.00
Jim Fox: Descansos, Past (CD)--10.00
Kyle Gann: Long Night (CD)--10.00
Peter Garland: String Quartets (CD)--10.00
Christopher Hobbs: Sudoku 82 (CD EP)--8.00
Daniel Lentz: Los Tigres de Marte (CD)--10.00
Daniel Lentz: Point Conception (CD)--10.00
Steve Peters: From Shelter (CD)--10.00
Chas Smith: Nakadai (CD)--10.00
Christopher Roberts: Last Cicada Singing (CD)--10.00
Christopher Roberts: Trios for Deep Voices (CD)--10.00
Various Artists: The Complete 10-Inch Series from Cold Blue (tripleCD)--15.00
Nathan Youngblood: Asunder (CD)--10.00

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